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From: Cengiz Tas <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 22:10:49 +0100


and happy new year to all.

1) i know how to check for unread mails in gmail and display it in the
status bar.
can i check for unread chat messages in the same way, too?

2) when i use pidgin with the notification plugin dwm gets an urgent window
notification and changes color of the corresponding tag. how can i make dwm
react on the urgent window notification when there's an unread chat message
in gmail?



On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 9:51 PM, Antoni Grzymala <>wrote:

> Peter John Hartman dixit (2010-01-03, 13:51):
> > I agree w/r/t removing the status feature in dwm. If it isn't a
> > trayer, then what is its purpose? Of course, primary motivation is
> > that an alternative standalone trayer can do whatever it is that the
> > status feature is doing anyway (or so it seems). Hence, it is
> > superfluous.
> The tray “protocol” itself is a totally borken idea of the useless WIMP
> paradigm. A workaround for a workaround. Makes even less sense in the
> tagged dwm environment.
> As to the status bar itself, it serves a far better purpose than the
> crappy tray (a useless 16x16 or so pixel area per program), for you can
> actually write *text*, of all things, in the statusbar. The humankind
> developed *writing* to move on from the hieroglyphs and I don't really
> understand the urge to discard all the years of development and get back
> to primitive pictograms for conveying information.
> If your apps are crappy or unhackable enough that you can't dig
> interesting info from them (like unread IM/mail messages and the like)
> and display that info as human-readable text in the status bar, than
> it's perhaps high time to look for alternatives.
> BTW:
> > I agree w/r/t removing the status feature in dwm.
> Says who?
> End of rant.
> --
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