Re: [dev] [DWM] suggestion for dwm

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Sun, 3 Jan 2010 22:26:35 +0100

Cengiz Tas dixit (2010-01-03, 22:10):

> 1) i know how to check for unread mails in gmail and display it in the
> status bar.
> can i check for unread chat messages in the same way, too?

Pretty much depends on your mail client. mcabber AFAIK can write things
to a file/pipe, which you can use to set your statusbar accordingly, I
happen to use tkabber which sets it's window title in accordance with
the number of unread messages, hence I do something like:

NUMBER=$(xwininfo -tree -root | gawk '/\([0-9]+.*Tkabber/ {print gensub(/(^.*\()([0-9]+)(\*\).*$)/, "\\2", "1")}')
[[ ${NUMBER} -ge 1 ]] && TKABBER="[Tkabber: ${NUMBER}] ยท "

Since tkabber is in Tcl it would probably be even simpler to hack the
code a little to write something to a pipe...

> 2) when i use pidgin with the notification plugin dwm gets an urgent window
> notification and changes color of the corresponding tag. how can i make dwm
> react on the urgent window notification when there's an unread chat message
> in gmail?

This would probably need some browser/js hacking (I understand you're
talking about the gmail web-based chat client?


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