Re: [dev] GSoC 2010

From: Chris Palmer <>
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2010 10:39:45 -0800

David Thiel writes:

> > grep
> not an example of an indexing system.

That's a feature, not a bug. Hash tables are bloatware. If you can't do it
with linear search, you shouldn't do it. Don't even get me started on
red-black trees...

> While such a system would be useful, I'm doubtful that a ``suckless'' one
> could be made. It inherently involves lots of parsers for different file
> type metadata, which either introduces lots of code or lots of
> dependencies.

Lots of small programs working together in a pipeline.

Also, strings foo.mp3 | delete_junk_words | index ... would work for MP3s.
These small programs need not be particularly complex. Obviously, the
nastier PDFs will need some help and there's no avoiding that. But it would
be worth it.
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