Re: [dev] [sic] tok and ctok functions

From: anonymous <>
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 17:53:43 +0400

Patch attached. What I have changed:

 * Replaced `tok` and `ctok` functions with `skip` and (already
   existing, but a little different) `eat`

 * Changed parsing of separators (<SPACE> from RFC) in server
 responses. Now tabs are not skipped. Also no more than one space is
 skipped. RFC says there can be more than one space but I have seen
 no server that will add extra separator characters. It is not hard
 to parse but simplicity > correctness.

 * Removed always true `if(msg[1])` check

 * Added output of command parameters:
- pout(usr, ">< %s: %s", cmd, txt);
+ pout(usr, ">< %s (%s): %s", cmd, msg, txt);
   Now it is possible to use such commands as "LIST"

 * Added function `trim` for removing trailing whitespace.
   It is now used on `msg` variable before outputting it so instead of 04/15/10 17:45 >< NOTICE (AUTH ): *** Looking up your hostname...
   you get 04/15/10 17:45 >< NOTICE (AUTH): *** Looking up your hostname...
   It is not a problem when you output it with "%-12s" format like
   first argument of pout, but it is easy to see the problem when you
   output it in parenthesis.

Code is one line less now.

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