Re: [dev] Tabbed + Surf, possible bug on closing tab

From: Rob <>
Date: Sun, 25 Jul 2010 14:56:29 +0100

On 25 July 2010 09:47, Troels Henriksen <> wrote:
> Martin Kopta <> writes:
>> Hi everybody,
>>   I use Tabbed (0.3) with Surf (0.4.1) and there is one issue I would like to
>> discuss.
>>   I expect that the selected one window (tab) will be closed. In most cases it
>>   is exactly so, but sometimes it happens, that many more tabs disapear. Since
>>   there is no way to bring back tabs in Tabbed, this bug is very
>>   anonying.
> This is because the same Surf process is responsible for multiple
> Windows.  The display part of Surf is programmed in a very brittle way,
> and often dies due to X11 BadWindow errors (which can be fixed by
> installing an error handler that ignores those) and mysterious segfaults
> within the Flash plugin and some asynchronous-loading part of Webkit
> (which I'm not sure how to fix).  A basic problem is that Surf windows
> are destroyed without first unregistering signal handlers, so you easily
> end up with handlers trying to use a halfway-destroyed window object
> (this happens very often if you close a window that is still loading,
> due to the way the progress bar works).
> --
> \  Troels
> /\ Henriksen

This has been discussed before (,
and I've been using a bodged version of surf, which works around the bug by
disabling the error handlers when it brings down the window. I haven't used surf
for a while _and_ I have no X11 experience so I'm not sure whether it works
(haven't tested it thoroughly enough), but I've attached a diff, it
should apply cleanly
to 0.4.1.


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