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From: pancake <>
Date: Sat, 9 Oct 2010 21:31:52 +0200

Metasploit also distributes a copy of bionic with some patches in order to compile multistage shellcodes without libc dependencies. I would love to have a fork of bionic in the suckless repo with mk or makefiles.. I always find anoying the ..unless we do a replacement to use without the sdk, just using the common unix system tools

On 09/10/2010, at 20:34, Jens Staal <> wrote:

> Dear list
> As far as I have understood ( and
> idea has been to use bionic as static libc in the distribution.
> However, it seems like this libc is relatively closely attached to the
> Android SDK/NDK
> (
> ,DGentry reply, 4th comment) and I doubt that the Android devs are
> interested in patches not needed specifically for Android in their
> tree.
> I suppose this means that a fork/spoon/spork of bionic would have to
> be made with patches that enables it to be a general-purpose static
> libc.
> If this is indeed what you suckless gurus have been planning, I got a
> suggested name for this branch with some obscure litterary references
> (which I will explain below).
> suggested name: "fReemade libc"
> The name links the "6 million dollar man" reference of bionic to the
> Remade in the steampunk/dark fantasy Bas-Lag
> ( novels of China MiƩville
> ( The Remade are the
> product of a punishment where criminals are fused to mechanical (or
> animal) parts, which in essence is a life-long sentence to slavery.
> Some revolutionary Remade call themselves fReemade.
> I thought it was a pretty cool link with several nice interpretations
> - libc getting "freed" from its now limited purpose, builders of
> statically linked binaries getting "freed" from the (AFAIK) unresolved
> legal issues of LGPL when licence conflicts may occur.
> PS sorry if this came out as a "brainfart" DS
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