[dev] [sic][patch] fixes and questions.

From: Wolf Tivy <wtivy1_AT_my.bcit.ca>
Date: Sat, 09 Oct 2010 21:27:03 -0700

some fixes for sic attached. story below.

sic was saying "error: cannot resolve hostname <insert any host>: Success" so I went to the source.
The Success was because the code was written assuming the failure would set errno, but it didn't.
I fixed it to print out the right error message, but make wouldn't recompile it; util.c wasn't a build
dependency. I fixed the makefile, which was an awful experience, rebuilt, got the actual error
which was "Servname not supported for ai_socktype". DuckDuckGo said that was because etc/services
didn't have the port name thingy in it. The port was "ircd", which I could find no references to, so I changed
it to irc, which was at least in /etc/services. sic now gets past that error, but spits out
"error: cannot connect to host '%s'\n". The reason for that is over my head right now.
So, is "ircd" something that should be in my /etc/services, or is it a typo? Is "irc" not the right port?
Can someone who knows more help me figure out why it's still failing?

Anyways, I attched the diff, not including the ircd->irc part, which I'm unsure of.

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