[dev] [wmii] Prevent losing of windows on crash/hang

From: Tom Kazimiers <tom_AT_voodoo-arts.net>
Date: Sun, 17 Oct 2010 12:10:25 +0200


from time to time my wmii 3 installation crashes. I have no idea why
this happens, but it occurs once in a while. The log does not tell me
anything about it. I use the hg-tip version and Suraj Kurapatis Ruby
wmiirc. Besides that I use gdm as a display masager which starts the
following script to start wmii (partly copied from Suraj):

gnome-settings-daemon &
xterm -e tail -f ~/.wmii/wmiirc.log &
xterm &

while true; do
        exec wmii
        xmessage 'Restart the Window Manager?' \
                 -buttons 'Yes:1,No:0' -center \
                 -default 'Yes' -timeout 30 \
        && break

Unfortunately, that script does not prompt me if I want to restart wmii
if if closes/crashes. The result is that all my windows (and my work) is

Do you have any suggestions on my setup and how to prevent the losing of
my windows on a crash?

Moreover it would be good to find out why a crash happens at all. How
should I start doing that? If a crish occurs wmii is still running, but
just not responding any more. In that situation no reaction to keys is
done and the bar is not drawn. That means I can go to another tty and
then manually kill wmii or might get some debug information (but where?).

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