[dev] [wmii] Hang after login with ecryptfs

From: Ian Munsie <darkstarsword_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Tue, 19 Oct 2010 17:15:02 +1100

I've been experiencing hangs when starting wmii 3.9.2 upon first login
(from xdm). It's not a complete hang - I can still see my wmiirc is
running and messages still show up and disappear in the bar when they
are supposed to, but nothing responds to user input (keyboard or mouse),
so the environment is not particularly useful. After Ctrl + Alt +
backspacing X and logging in again everything works just fine.

At first I thought it might have been some bizarre side effect from the
customisations I've made to my wmiirc, but I still experienced it using
only the stock wmiirc. I've finally spotted the pattern - the hang
occurs whenever the pam_ecryptfs module automatically mounts ~/Private
(using the standard ecryptfs setup that Debian squeeze ships).

I eventually noticed this pattern when my ecryptfs passphrase did not
match my login password, preventing pam_ecryptfs from mounting the
directory automatically and wmii would not hang. After changing the
passphrase to match my login password wmii began to hang again. I've now
confirmed that if I log into a virtual terminal and mount the ecryptfs
prior to logging into wmii that wmii will not hang, but if I have not
done so it will hang 100% of the time.

Does anyone have any theories as to what could be the root cause here?
Does anyone else use ecryptfs with the pam automounting stuff and wmii?

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