Re: [dev] wmii and dual head setup

From: Benjamin Cathey <>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 11:16:51 -0400


I use wmii every day on a dual-head system (with it also on a third head
external monitor connected to a netbook w/synergy). It works great for
me. I have never had a problem with it.


On 10/23/2010 04:11 AM, Michael wrote:
> Hello,
> Could anybody give me some advice about the current (as for 3.9.2) state
> of wmii and dual head setups, please.
> I'm thinking laptop's LCD plus external LCD via docking station on
> FreeBSD (without 9p).
> Is it a lot of hustle and hacking to get it working or should it be
> quite smooth and easy to set up? Does wmii supports multiple monitors?
> Michael
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