Re: [dev] Re: progress

From: Jens Staal <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 2010 09:28:53 +0200

In my simple mind it might be easier to modify bionic to become 'a
port of *BSD libc' (adding missing syscalls and whatnot) than to port
it all to Linux from scratch?

2010/10/28 finkler <>:
> On 10/12/10 07:58, Wolf Tivy wrote:
>>> 2. Demonstrate stand-alone static binaries that have been linked
>>> against bionic/x86.
>> This assumes we have bionic itself working. Has anyone actually built it without building all of android? I got the source, but I can't make it build. I've tried a few things, but I hate makefiles. Especially when they're called
> Have there ever been any efforts to create a suckless libc ? I mean
> instead of porting bionic, which is based on the OpenBSD libc, one could
> start with the OpenBSD libc to begin with.
> Remove all the macro crap and just support c99 and POSIX, which is one
> of the few cases where it might actually be worth the hassle to follow
> such a standard.
> Then again it seems backward to put so much effort in an outdated
> standard. I don't really know, any thoughts on this?
> regards,
> finkler
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