[dev] Reflow v0.1

From: Niki Yoshiuchi <aplusbi_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Fri, 29 Oct 2010 23:33:32 -0400

I've been doing a lot of development over ssh and have come to rely
heavily on dvtm. dvtm doesn't reflow text on resize, so I decided to
write a program to do that. At the moment it simply maintains a
buffer and on resize prints out the entire buffer. The text is then
reflowed by the controlling terminal (I am printing the entire buffer
so that scrolling up is still meaningful). The problem with this is
that it can be noticeable when the buffer is full.

I was exploring ncurses but found that to be non-suckless (reading in
ANSI escape sequences, converting them to ncurses function calls which
then prints out ANSI escape sequences seems...redundant). I might
write a minimal scrolling library to gain the needed functionality
without needing to explicitly handle escape sequences.

It's mostly written in OCaml with some C stubs for functionality that
OCaml lacks.


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