[dev] seminar about plan9

From: Martin Kopta <martin_AT_kopta.eu>
Date: Sun, 31 Oct 2010 21:37:38 +0100

I am going to do a seminar about Plan 9 and I would like to ask you about some
hints. The seminar is within the frame of regular cycle of seminars about
various subjects of our student club SUT SH (Stredisko Unixovych Technologii
Sillicon Hill, Center of Unix Technologies Sillicon Hill) and eventual audience
will be probably small (as always) since seminars are voluntary.

My seminar aims to introduce Plan9. From total basics like "its an operating
system" over history of unix to rio/sam/acme/9p/proc/.. I will of course
mention the suckless comunity since its related ;-) Maybe I will do a short
demo afterwards.

Anyway, I ask you

  What shouldn't I forgot to say about Plan9?
  Which principles, thoughts and things should I mention and make important?
  What do you think are basics of Plan9? (like everything is a file and so..)
  What is the future of P9?

The seminar will be held at Tuesday evening so you can argue with me until

Thanks, Martin
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