Re: [dev] wmii how to replace status bar with dzen2

From: Michael <>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2011 16:30:02 +0000

On 07/02/2011 11:55, Thomas Dahms wrote:
> With the sh wmiirc, you can also change color of the status bar, with
> something like
> wmiir xwrite /rbar/status "color #555555 #ededeb #dcdcdb"
> You can only write label (i.e. text) or color at a time, so you have to
> modify the "Action status" piece in wmiirc to write both after another.
> Note that /rbar/status includes the whole right status bar by default.
> Defining another /rbar/battery is probably what you want in order to
> change color of only this.

Thanks a lot for your explanation! Now I'm a bit excited I can do it
with wmiirc but it still slips through my fingers, I don't understand
enough of wmii. If you could help me out with one example then I'll get
it working..

So I'm starting off with the following defaults in my wmiirc sh script:

status() {
   echo -n $(date '+%a %d %b, %H:%M:%S %Z')

Action status
   set +xv
   if wmiir remove /rbar/status 2>/dev/null; then
   sleep 2
   echo "$WMII_NORMCOLORS" | wmiir create /rbar/status
   while status | wmiir write /rbar/status; do
   sleep 1

I'm creating /rbar/cpu by adding:
   echo "$WMII_NORMCOLORS" | wmiir create /rbar/cpu
in "Action status" (just after creating /rbar/status).

Now I want it to hold the output of "sysctl -n dev.cpu.0.freq" command
and I want it to get refreshed every second (it returns for example
"700" or "2500" without quotes).

If I wanted to put it in the /rbar/status I would add:
   echo -n 'CPU:' $(sysctl -n dev.cpu.0.freq) 'MHz'
to the "status()" part.

But how can I put it in the /rbar/cpu? I know I can do it manually by
   wmiir xwrite /rbar/status `sysctl -n dev.cpu.0.freq`
on the terminal, but then obviously it's not being refreshed/rewritten
every second.

For now I'm not bothered with colors etc. I just need a working example
of how to automatically put some data (refreshed every second) into my
/rbar/cpu. Any ideas please?

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