[dev] [wmii] wedged indication does not go away

From: Thomas Dahms <dahms_AT_ymail.com>
Date: Mon, 07 Feb 2011 13:25:53 +0100


some of my windows (namely Emacs and Evince) are suddenly marked
"(wedged)". There was no obvious reason, the clients were responsive all
the time. I would not bother, but the indications do not go away. New
Emacs client windows from the same server instance do not have the
I don't really understand what is done here (changeset 2697:fe8a99d89597).
If these clients were really unresponsive, shouldn't this trigger the
Unresponsive event in wmiirc and thus bring up an xmessage?


Thomas Dahms
Received on Mon Feb 07 2011 - 13:25:53 CET

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