RE: [dev] surf question

From: Wolf Tivy <>
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2011 01:53:38 -0700

> I have recently tried and compared surf with uzbl. surf is much snapier and
> manages all google related websites like a charm. the biggest drawback that
> i find is its inability to remember passwords or usernames as I type them
> into websites. this sort of negates its snappiness since i have to re-type
> everything everytime I re-visit my websties of choice.
> is there a way to enable this in surf?

You could use the usual 'leave me logged in with cookies' thing on the
but other than that there is no way to 'enable' password remembering.
You'll have to hack it yourself.

Surf is so awesome and fast because it doesn't have all those features.
That also makes it really really easy to hack.

good luck.

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