Re: [dev] which minimal os

From: Antoni Grzymala <>
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2011 01:40:29 +0100

Kurt H Maier dixit (2011-02-16, 19:28):

> > Gentoo has a good balance in not being overengineered like Debian
> > (dpkg-reconfigure and all that hell)
> bullshit, just look at emerge
> look at it

Why would I want to? I don't like Python. Still, by comparison to
dpkg-reconfigure it's pretty sane. And it works.

> > and having a decent quality
> > package tree (unlike arch).
> what package tree? where do I download binary gentoo packages? oh,
> that's right, I can't, because it's yet another thing the gentoo kids
> couldn't figure out, despite decades of examples.

Since it's a source-based distro obviously I'm calling packages
something else. Did I ever say binary?

> > It's also easy to compile software
> > out-of-the-tree, as there are header files for everything in the
> > system.
> that's not a benefit of gentoo, it's something that should be
> standard. also, it's not a conscious design decision. it's an effect
> of the braindead software distribution mechanism.

Well, in practice *it is* a benefit of Gentoo, intended or
not. Especially when you compare it to the -dev|-devel package mess of
debian|redhat. So my argument stands despite the “braindead software
distribution mechanism”.

> > It's okay. Not great, neither a disaster (unless you trust the
> > lack of argumentation of main Gentoo haters here).
> no, it is in fact a retarded disaster.

Retarted seems to be your favourite word – it's a little overused,

> source-only software distribution is completely stupid and wrong.


> the stupid package .tbz2 crap gentoo does have is too fragile and
> worthless to be even worth mentioning.

That's why nobody uses it.

> if you want to see how this can be done correctly, look at freebsd
> or openbsd, where software can be built -or- installed from
> packages.

I did look and I found an obscure mess of working or non-working
makefiles. Somewhat akin to arch's AUR, on which we both seem to agree
that it's a failure.

> > And yeah, daemons are *not* started automatically after package
> > installation.
> holy crap this totally changed my mind hold on while I recompile my
> entire everything so I can get this killer feature

Holy crap, this is just picking on Ubuntu/Debian which do that by
default, as you've failed to notice because you were too occupied with
indulging in your rich resources of irony.

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