RE: [dev] [surf] patch for pseudo-uri idioms

From: Wolf Tivy <>
Date: Sun, 20 Feb 2011 11:27:25 -0700

> Totally +1. I'd like to have a patch just for this two things, too. I don't need the navigational stuff although it sounds interesting but I think these are unrelated changes.

Two things? I thought the homepage thing was pretty nifty too. :) Is
that what you mean by navigation stuff? The homepage thing is pretty
tightly integrated with the JS and file things, as I had to restructure
URI handling to do any of them, so I figured I might as well do all of
them. They would be hard to seperate as patches on mainline. I'll post
the spacial navigation option patch seperately.

> The JS execution brings me to a kind of semi-related topic... Did anybody try to enable/integrate the webkit developer console in surf? I like these in other browsers for the DOM inspection and resource tracking.
> kind regards,
> cryptix

I'd love to figure out this 'developer console'. I've never heard of it,
but I added the JS to get some level of debugging/reflection support. I
was planning to figure out some schemes that allowed me to do more of
that kind of stuff (page editing, etc), but if something already exists,
that's great. I'll look into it, thanks!

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