Re: [dev] wicd and his little friends

From: hiro <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 13:12:13 +0000

Ok, I packaged it up for tinycorelinux where it is a pending extension
at the moment, most people there don't have an easy to use alternative
to wicd yet.

There's a simple config file where you specify your two interface
names, then everything gets started like this:

ifconfig $WIRED up
wpa_supplicant -B -D $WLAN_DRV -i $WLAN -c /usr/local/etc/wpa_supplicant.conf
wpa_cli -B -a /usr/local/etc/netplug.d/netplug
/usr/local/sbin/netplugd -P -c /dev/null -i $WIRED

netplug.d/netplug is used for both netplug and wpa_cli -a events. It
takes arguments like eth0 up and relays them to my olde ifup/ifdown
scripts. In there I give the wired interface precedence and run and
kill udhcpc on all connected networks.

Of course ifup/ifdown isn't needed, but I didn't like the long,
hardcoded netplug.d/netplug path and ifup/ifdown seemed pretty much
like a standard to me, so it might be easier for everyone to hack it,
e.g. on one network I run vpnc with the same grep on ssids Christoph
Lohmann describes.

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