[dev] Aterm not running properly in dwm

From: Matt Mrozinski <mjm_AT_factoryprime.net>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2011 11:25:14 -0600


I can't seem to find documentation anywhere on this, so here's the

In Arch Linux 64 bit, when I run aterm in fullscreen (tiling
mode) and vim a file which requires scrolling beyond the physical screen
size, aterm will simply open the file in a small portion of the
fullscreen terminal window. After that, the terminal will remain in it's
'resized' state until I actually reset the terminal which sets the term
back to it's fully operational state. The same behavior happens when
using man pages, or any curses based software.

DWM 5.8.2


Is this a DWM bug or a problem with Aterm?

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