Re: [dev] [sselp] [st] clipboard and primary selection

From: <>
Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2011 13:51:44 +0200

* <> [2011-04-03 20:22]:
> Other odd thing is that I can paste what I selected in st into a
> terminal (st or urxvt) but not into dmenu or surf (using sselp)...

I investigated a bit more and it's odd indeed:

st's xsetsel() clims to register the selected text for both PRIMARY and
CLIPBOARD and I can verify this by `xsel -b' and `xsel -p'.

When I select text in surf or in urxvt or yank the current URL from
surf, sselp works as expected. But not when I select text in st. This is
wierd!? Then sselp reports empty PRIMARY while `xsel -p' shows the
selected text.

Is it happening only to me?

* * *

I've put together a minor patch (attached) against sselp tip to learn
some more about the problem, but with not much success. The PRIMARY and
SECONDARY work as expected, but CLIPBOARD does not.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



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