Re: [dev] Why dwm or wmii over xmonad, etc., or not?

From: dtk <>
Date: Wed, 20 Apr 2011 23:00:23 +0200

Excerpts from Suraj Kurapati's message of Wed Apr 20 19:39:00 +0200 2011:
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2011 at 7:27 AM, Eitan Goldshtrom wrote:
> > Why are dwm and wmii better than other tiling WMs?
> I like wmii because it (1) has dynamic tagging,
the /only/ way to do it, in my not so humble opinion ;)

> views, and columns;
i find manual layouts so incredibly more flexible and intuitive than dynamic
ones. especially in combination with the stacked layout (didn't like it first,
now can't live without it -.-). i do sometimes wish to get rid of the title bars
though to use (the limited) screen space as effectively as possible

> and (2) is configurable in any programming language (I use Ruby[1]).
so do i, but it segfaults on me when i start wireshark -.- dunno, maybe it's due
to my modifications (added 'toggle last view' patch and some namespacing)

> occasionally trying other tiling
> and WIMP WMs to get a feeling of the status quo. But I always find
> something lacking in them; something I dearly missed from wmii.
> wmii is not perfect, but it does more of what I want than other WMs
dynamic tagging, manual layouts, stacked layout ;P

> I've tried (perhaps I haven't tried enough of them).
I have been using awesome before, and it was nothing short of a revelation
coming from gnome (had been using fluxbox on gentoo before that so had some
experience in minimalistic environments ;))
now when i have to go back into it (to use wireshark ;P) i just cannot imagine
how i ever used it ;) not being able to stack windows, a second client always
opening a slave column (two columns is a setup i use /exactly/ when i need to
see two clients at the same time, re-merging columns immediately afterwards)
And the dynamic tagging in awesome feels really unfinished to me. When i last
checked it severely lacked documentation and renaming tags on creation was b0rked.
please, don't get me wrong, i am *so* grateful for awesome, since it introduced
me to the wonders of tiling window managers (and actually to dynamic tagging),
but for my (admittedly unusual) work patterns, wmii feels so incredibly
superior, cannot even abandon it for its faults ;P

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