Re: [dev] [dwm] devilspie doesn't work

From: Al Gest <>
Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 05:00:19 +0100

On 6 May 2011 04:49, Kurt H Maier <> wrote:
> The question did not warrant more.

It clearly did, the problem is the question was fairly loaded, and
answering the question honestly would have contradicted your position.

>> That doesn't provide any substance or merit to your belligerence.
>> Vitriol has also been seethed many times in the past on this very
>> list. You seem perfectly happy to provide redundant vitriol, so why
>> not provide the allegedly redundant 'why' as well?
> I already have.  In this thread.  Try to keep up.

Indeed you have, which I find quite ironic. I was responding to the
specific e-mail where you implied that providing an explanation would
be redundant (before of course endeavoring to provide one anyway). My
question was more in the general sense, so you don't always come
across like an angry nerd.
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