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From: Kamil Cholewiński <>
Date: Mon, 23 May 2011 09:27:40 +0300


had a sleepless night, so contributing sleep.c and sleep.1.


On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 03:15:43AM +0100, Connor Lane Smith wrote:
> Hey all,
> I think it's about time we started a minimalist, statically linked set
> of core utilities. The BSD family are bloated, and the GNU monstrous.
> Some of us seem to be resorting to using those from Plan 9, which were
> designed for another operating system and exist on Unix through a
> compatibility shim.
> So, in a glorious demonstration of NIH syndrome, let's make our own!
> I'm unsure exactly which utilities we should include (suggestions on a
> comprehensive set?), but in terms of functionality a good rule of
> thumb is to only include flags present in both POSIX and Plan 9, thus
> making a sweet little subset. There are exceptions to this, like grep
> -q and ls -a, but it's a useful guideline.
> I've written a handful so far (basename, cat, echo, false, grep, tee,
> touch, true, wc), which I've attached. Each tool is between 6 and 88
> SLOC, and compiles with musl into a static binary between 13K and 45K
> in size. The manual pages are nice and short, too.
> If anyone else wants to contribute a tool written in the same style
> they are most welcome. I'd like to set up an hg repo soon, but I'm
> quite busy with exams atm.
> Thanks,
> cls

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