[dev] [st] alternate screen switching

From: Bert Münnich <ber.t_AT_gmx.com>
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 09:59:58 +0200


attached is a patch, that adds support for the deprecated '\E[?47h' and
'\E[?47l' control sequences, which are used when $TERM == "xterm-color".

I've also added {rm,sm}cup entries to st.info, so that switching between
normal and alternate screen now works when $TERM == "st[-256color]".

I would also like to look into the scrollback buffer goal. How do you
want to achieve an unlimited scrollback buffer? Writing every line to a
file and printing its content instead of the current buffer when
scrolling back? What are the cons to just having a fixed amount of lines
(simply a bigger Line *line), memmoving them when input arrives and
normally displaying only the row-1 last ones?


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