Re: [dev] Experimental editor

From: Rob <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 14:42:30 +0100

On 10 June 2011 08:54, Rafa Garcia Gallego
<> wrote:
> The lack of Shift+Control modifier is a serious bummer indeed.

It looks like it's been decided that X is the way to go, but before any
code is implemented, I thought I'd just stick my oar in - what if we
were to keep to the terminal and open a connection to an X server, if
available, and simply query the modifier key states when reading a key?

This way we can still have a console editor, but overcome the problem of
modifier keys, and not have to bother with window handling.

Good idea? Hackish idea?
Finally-got-rid-of-curses-and-I'm-trying-to-drag-you-all-back idea?
You decide.
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