Re: [dev] revolution

From: Bryan Bennett <>
Date: Fri, 10 Jun 2011 19:58:25 -0400

Kurt - I think you need to rethink your definition of "Troll". He simply
asked a question. Regardless of whether you agree with the idea of the
window manager in question, he didn't make some fallacious statement
regarding DWM or any other suckless tools - he's simply asking for
opinions. There is a sizable minority of DWM users (myself included)
that use DWM's tags as workspaces. Yes, it's 'wrong' in regards to
how the window manager is INTENDED to be used - but that's what's
nice about *MY* computer - it's mine and I can use what software I
want as I see fit. Not everyone *NEEDS* to the 'dynamic' from
'dynamic window manager' . I know I don't - I prefer DWM over any
other window manager for other reasons besides the concept of tagging.

No one implied that WMFS was anything 'special' - but rather that it
took some ideas from DWM and changed them up a bit. It sits on a
middle ground between dynamic tiling window managers and a
lightweight floating WM. (Honestly, look at it like a tiling openbox and
you'll get a better idea of it's capabilities)
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