[dev] [wmii] Flash in fullscreen regularly freezes screen

From: dtk <dtk_AT_gmx.de>
Date: Fri, 05 Aug 2011 00:37:52 +0200

Hey guys,

putting the flash player on a website into fullscreen regularly (very
-.-) freezes my screen.

wmii seems to continue to work in the background (I can change tags,
kill the browser, ...) and the mouse continues to respond (I can click
to pause the vid (sound oftentimes continues to play back) and 'defocus'
the player so it doesn't catch key presses anymore) but I can't get a
new image to be drawn.

Neither reload'ing nor clear'ing wmii via mod+a works. All I can do to
fix it so far is to restart GDM.

This is not by any chance a known problem?

I am running tip [wmii-hg2788+] and rumai. I can reproduce the problem
on another machine (running pretty much the same config).

help! -.-
dtk ;)
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