Re: [dev] Re: skype gui interface

From: Nikolay G. Petrov <>
Date: Fri, 03 Feb 2012 11:45:37 +0400

01.02.2012 22:05, Christian Neukirchen ?????:
> "Nikolay G. Petrov"<> writes:
>> Hi!
>> My OS is Ubuntu 11.10 desktop
>> Can you tell me why if I start skype, gui interface is absent, not
>> apear, but a skype process persist?
> Because it is minimized-to-tray. Try "trayer" to see the icon and
> deiconify it.
Sorry for delay, yes, of course, that's right, just forgot for thi settings!
But, if I can add in this post, in dwm on the current time )) I have a 
only 1 problem: when a switch by the keyboard layout, only by the 
english click by mouse working under bar, when I switch in local layout, 
notjing tot do when I click. May be you know about this?
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