Re: [dev] [st and terminals] About escape sequences and stuff

From: Guillaume Quintin <>
Date: Sat, 11 Feb 2012 02:53:00 +0100

I just read the ``man terminfo" on my linux box.
It is fucking frightening!

_AT_Chris: Not sure whether or not it is good idea
to be compatible with everybody if you want to
change this.

_AT_pancake: In fact, I think this is not much of a
problem because all main terminal emulators
use [1]. For the moment my main question is
not writing to the terminal but reading from it
for key pressed and understand its bindings.

_AT_Kurt: So how do you see a terminal emulator?
Something that can execute postscript or a
subset of it or another stack language? Maybe
simplier than NeWS if you do not need multi
monitor, thread, ...?


2012/2/9, pancake <>:
> you may probably want to look at my r_cons and r_line libraries from r2.
> i do buffering, autocomplete, screen filling, and works on w32 console, and
> most of terminals (st, xterm...) without guessing the termcodes. i just
> hardcode them.
> On Feb 9, 2012, at 18:02, Chris Siebenmann <> wrote:
>> | Writing a saner library than ncurses that knows only st and try to
>> | convince other terminal emulator writers to do the same: support
>> | exactly the same sequences.
>> Replacing ncurses with a hardcoded library is not a workable approach.
>> Unix systems today are accessed from far more environments than simply
>> X Windows terminal emulators. Even if all such programs were updated
>> to the new escape sequences, an ncurses-equivalent library that only
>> supports them would not work for everyone ssh'ing in to Unix systems
>> from Mac OS X, from Windows, from various smartphones and other devices,
>> and for those quixotic people who are still using real serial terminals
>> (or in some cases emulations of them). More precisely, any program that
>> used this new library would be nonfunctional for such people.
>> - cks
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