Re: [dev] [surf] Disable javascript

From: Julian Dammann <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 10:40:08 +0100

> I read them, but I suppose I don't remember them...

Not to sound too rude, but this is not the problem here...

Welcome to "How to answer almost all your questions about any software without wasting other people's time":

1. Is there a manual? If no goto 2 else 1a
1a. Have you read it? If no read it; goto 1c
1b. Do you remember all of it? If no read/search it; goto 1c
1c. Is the answer to your question in the manual? If no goto 2; else done

2. Google it. 5min time investment minimum. goto 2a
2a. Found a solution? If no goto 3; else done

3. You may now start involving other people. Good luck.

Some futher observations: Both 1 and 2 would have solved your problem.
The man page includes information about '-s', and google's first answer to "suckless surf disable java script" is the man page as well, highlighting '-s'.

The reason why I wrote this: instead of taking 5 min of your own time, you just went ahead and posted a trivial question to a mailing list of many people (how many?), thus wasting, even if only 1 min, of everyone's time.
This is not only rude to others, but this also adds up to a lot more time wasted than you would have on your own.

Sorry for wasting the time of those people who follow this "algorithm", maybe it will save some time in the future though (I don't have much hope for that :( )
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