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From: <>
Date: Thu, 15 Nov 2012 11:09:16 +0100

On 11/15/2012 10:40 AM, Julian Dammann wrote:
>> I read them, but I suppose I don't remember them...
> No.
> Not to sound too rude, but this is not the problem here...
> Welcome to "How to answer almost all your questions about any software without wasting other people's time":
> 1. Is there a manual? If no goto 2 else 1a
> 1a. Have you read it? If no read it; goto 1c
> 1b. Do you remember all of it? If no read/search it; goto 1c
> 1c. Is the answer to your question in the manual? If no goto 2; else done
> 2. Google it. 5min time investment minimum. goto 2a
> 2a. Found a solution? If no goto 3; else done
> 3. You may now start involving other people. Good luck.
> Some futher observations: Both 1 and 2 would have solved your problem.
> The man page includes information about '-s', and google's first answer to "suckless surf disable java script" is the man page as well, highlighting '-s'.
> The reason why I wrote this: instead of taking 5 min of your own time, you just went ahead and posted a trivial question to a mailing list of many people (how many?), thus wasting, even if only 1 min, of everyone's time.
> This is not only rude to others, but this also adds up to a lot more time wasted than you would have on your own.
> Sorry for wasting the time of those people who follow this "algorithm", maybe it will save some time in the future though (I don't have much hope for that :( )
While we're talking about the man page [1], it could use a little
refreshment, as it's not very up to date. Even if the answer to this
problem is there; I was searching for a way to zoom with surf, and I
have not found it in the online man.

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