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From: Felix Janda <>
Date: Sun, 18 Nov 2012 12:10:45 +0100

On 11/18/12 at 07:00am, Jens Staal wrote:
> I agree with this. As an example distribution, Sabotage does things pretty
> well. One detail that I like a lot (but it sort of depends on your stance on
> symlinks) is the way applications usually are placed in it:
> Each application gets its own directory under /opt and then installed files
> get symlinks in / (the file system hierarchy is stali-inspired with everything
> in root and usr just pointing back to root).
> For me, this is a nicer solution than for example pacman to keep track on
> which files that belong to which package (no fragile databases needed). I am
> also happy to report that dmenu/dwm works nicely on Sabotage (however, it
> seems like some of the xlibs can not be linked statically).

djb had a similar idea with his slashpackage system. It doesn't seem to have
caught on much, tough.

> What I have noticed lately is however how much of the broken stuff that are
> expected to build also relatively fundamental technologies. For example, mesa
> (which is needed if one ever wants to run wayland instead of X) expects
> libudev to build, and if the version requirements will increase further that
> will basically force systemd on peopole.

There are at least two forks of udev making it again standalone. (They are very
likely going to be merged.)

If enough people have interested in having systemd free systems it will be
possible. Altough it might get more and more difficult when more programs start
using systemd's services.
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