Re: [dev] [surf] adblocking

From: hiro <>
Date: Tue, 20 Nov 2012 14:07:56 +0100

I block only in my DNS. I think it's the most important feature of my
home network. Not only because it blocks ads, but also because it
block fads.

On 11/20/12, Christoph Lohmann <> wrote:
> Greetings comrades,
> I have been thinking of adding some easy way of adblocking to surf. My
> conclusion is, that it is not needed.
> By changing the default parameters of surf to »‐ips«, which will disable
> all the scripts, the images and plugins by default, nothing wrong is
> loaded when some URI is opened. Then, based on what I want to see I en‐
> able first images and then scripts and then maybe plugins.
> The only annoying part in this algorithm is that when scripts and images
> are enabled all ads are viewable and this can be filtered with complex
> solutions like adblock plus or some hosts filtering. Hosts filtering re‐
> quires some callback to filter on a specific hosts file with >15k
> lines on every request. This could be optimized using better data
> structures, but still, the complexity is high.
> Such a feature would only be useful when you have to save on bandwith
> but need for a specific website all features enabled. I don’t really see
> enough benefit to justify some big callback communication for
> javascript loading and such, like a full adblock plus compatibility
> would require.
> What are you comrades thinking of this?
> Sincerely,
> Christoph Lohmann
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