Re: [dev] [suckless] Migration to git

From: pancake <>
Date: Mon, 26 Nov 2012 12:20:05 +0100

i use git in my phone and i dont even have perl in it. actually you
have cgit and git and libgit2, both implementations are in C and have
no extra dependencies of scripting languages (at runtime), maybe at build..

that's why i decided to get rid of mercurial. i had some problems
because of the crappy Python installation policies.. and without
noticing i realized i had 5 different versionf of python installed
in my laptop... that sucks hard, and if you sum pythonsize+mercurial
is bigger than just git which have no deps.

git is big indeed, but at least is not depending on a crappy
scripting language.

git is far more confusing than hg.. in fact sometimes i have to check
my notebook or manpages in order to do something in hg is plain easy.

this is my guide to move hg repos to github (not that garbage collecting
is important after the conversion, and i had some issues while converting
to local git repo instead of github... have to investigate a little...)

the following instructions depend on hggit module being installed and
in hgrc. fyi

export hg repo to github
$ hg log | grep ^user |sort -u | sed -e 's, ,\t,g' |awk '{print
$2="pancake <>"}' > map
$ vim map # remove user: and set=value
$ hg convert -A map . _new
$ cat map
$ cd _new
$ hg push git+ssh://
$ git clone git://
$ git gc --aggressive
[ recreate remote repo]
$ git push --all

On 11/26/12 11:48, Roberto E. Vargas Caballero wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 11:25:18AM +0100, Christoph Lohmann wrote:
>> Greetings comrades,
>> I am proposing a migration of all mercurial to git repositories. Git is
>> mature and used by nearly all major OSS projects. Mercurial has this
>> slow prototyping dependency of Python, which is annoying and could be
>> removed that way. Of course git is still(?) adding a perl dependency. I
>> hope this can be removed from git.
> Perl dependency in git is present only in no basic commands. You can remove
> it and the core system will follow working. Taken from a message from git
> mailing list this morning:
> Currently even perl is used only for few very high level commands
> that are not really needed there. I think that python is ok for
> pieces that use perl now, but I think that it shouldn't be used for
> basic porcelain commands. I also don't think that we should prefer
> python over other languages and especially I don't think that some
> existing code should be rewritten to python.
> Even if python is really better, I think that the natural migration
> is much better.
>> Dpb on IRC showed me [0], which seems to do a near to perfect import of
>> the old hg history. Anyone had bad experiences with this?
> I have experience with git and importing others vc to it, but I have never
> done it with Mercurial.
>> For the web interface on I am proposing cgit, which is
>> fast and written in C.
> It's ok for me.
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