Re: [dev] Is there any plan on a shell for sbase?

From: Andrew Gwozdziewycz <>
Date: Fri, 31 May 2013 15:14:06 -0400

Christoph Lohmann <> wrote:

>> P.S. Any recommendations on joining #suckless when connecting to oftc
>> through tor?
>Don’t be a terrorist pedophile so don’t use tor. Only feminists,
>dophiles and terrorists use tor.

That's pretty offensive, don't you think? There are lots of legitimate reasons to use Tor, including but not limited to: victims of domestic abuse and of course getting around contractual limitations.

But in all seriousness, we do actually live in this weird age where information is key and Wall Street cashes out on little invasions of privacy. Not everyone wants to bend over.
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