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From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 10:41:53 +0200

On 10/20/13, Carlos Torres <> wrote:
> On Tue, Aug 13, 2013 at 6:24 PM, Carlos Torres <>
> wrote:
>> Glad you changed your mind on Android core.
>> Consider looking at tinycorelinux; it too is very simple. simpler than
>> crux.
> hmm, after tooling around with tinycorelinux, i think its use
> doesn't make sense
> as a day-to-day distro. it would suit well a specific purpose or an
> embeded system.
> So i'm actually removing my "+" on tinycorelinux. I went for a pure
> 64bit system
> and that was hellish.

then simply don't use pure 64bit, why did you think that was a good idea?

> since there are barely any packages for it! soo

it's a feature (tm). works like intended.

> i had to build
> webkit and its horrid dependencies from scratch... that basically
> scared my away...

I hope it scared you away from webkit also.

> granted i completed the daunting task to the end.

Just proves you have no taste.

> I now cringe at the thought of rebuilding any suckless tool on
> tinycorelinux for any
> simple tweak.

Granted, the everything-is-in-ram approach requires you to use special
procedures to properly install anything. For many things that's too
much of a trade-off.
I exploit this to make sure I don't have too many libraries installed
so that autohell tools will build against the least amount of
dependencies possible (without first having to find the right
configure switches to manually turn features off). You might be able
to use chroot for the task, but to me that's also additional
complexity. I now just use a basic tinycore install - either in a VM
or just by rebooting into it - which makes these tasks seamless.
It's also simple to just boot up and load a different library version
without having to memorize how to specify some special library path
flags for each build system out there.
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