Re: [dev] I'm back

From: hiro <>
Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 19:15:47 +0200

Yeah, tinycore's biggest failure is that it's too difficult to find
the right man pages of certain packages.

On 10/21/13, Carlos Torres <> wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 21, 2013 at 8:41 AM, hiro <> wrote:
>> then simply don't use pure 64bit, why did you think that was a good idea?
> when i hopped on the pure 64 band wagon i "assumed" that the x86 packages
> would have been rebuilt for pure 64 eventually... that was a big mistake on
> my
> part.
>> it's a feature (tm). works like intended.
> Yeah, its a feature i like. Maybe i'm just complaining about the lack of
> packages for pure 64 :p, again i figured there was a community of pure64
> users that were contributing packages (slower but eventually - not true)
>> Just proves you have no taste.
> I tried other browsers before i went the with webkit/surf on this system,
> i did most of my work with lynx, i tried opera, links2, w3m etc... none of
> which anyone else was using on pure 64 :p (goes back to my initial bad
> choice)
>>> I now cringe at the thought of rebuilding any suckless tool on
>>> tinycorelinux for any
>>> simple tweak.
>> Granted, the everything-is-in-ram approach requires you to use special
>> procedures to properly install anything. For many things that's too
>> much of a trade-off.
> its a pretty big one.
>> I exploit this to make sure I don't have too many libraries installed
>> so that autohell tools will build against the least amount of
>> dependencies possible (without first having to find the right
>> configure switches to manually turn features off).
> yes, i really enjoy the boot speed of tinycorelinux with the least deps for
> wifi, dwm (et. al.) , surf, acpi; but when i boot into this system its
> because i
> want to develop something, and so i always end up loading the rest of the
> world to build stuff. and i forget api's all them time, of which i end up
> using
> manuals for (which surely you've noticed everyone purposefully strips them
> out of packages (i do it too)...
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