[dev] [st] Colors slightly different hue than in xterm

From: Eric Pruitt <eric.pruitt_AT_gmail.com>
Date: Sun, 1 Dec 2013 18:25:01 -0600

The colors in st render differently for me than in xterm, and I haven't
been able to figure out why. I noticed this when I first started using
st a several months ago, and the issue is still present in the
repository tip. I looked through a couple of implementations of the
color number to RGB conversion code that xterm uses, and the
implementations I saw seemed to be pretty similar to what st uses. I've
attached a screenshot to show the differences along with my config.h
file. Xterm is on the left, and st is on the right. The most notable
difference is in the keywords "if", "else", and "continue" but "for" and
"NULL" are also slightly different colors despite both screenshots using
the same Vim color scheme. I searched the mailing list archives, but I
don't see any similar complaints. Has anyone else noticed this and if
so, is there a patch out there that makes the colors identical or is
this a configuration issue?


(image/png attachment: color-comparison.png)

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