[dev] Article about suckless on root.cz

From: Martin Kopta <martin_AT_kopta.eu>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 09:20:52 +0100

Hi suckless!

I had talk about Suckless at LinuxDays 2013 on 2013-10-06 [0 1] (recording
is sadly still not available). After the talk, I was asked by a director of
root.cz to write a series of articles. Today, first article took place [2]
(czech only). It is just summary of philosophy, basic overview of dwm, st and
stali. Next article I will be focusing of dwm (philosophy, downloading,
configuring, compiling, running, using, ..). Not sure what next article would
be about. But I am sure to ask you guys about sta.li, which will get its own
article, to make sure I mention all the great ideas.

Best regards,
  Martin Kopta

[0] http://martin.kopta.eu/talks/suckless/suckless.pdf
[1] http://www.linuxdays.cz/cs/
[2] http://www.root.cz/clanky/suckless-mene-smradlavy-software/
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