Re: [dev] portable photoshop-like lite application based on C?

From: Silvan Jegen <>
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013 18:16:04 +0100

On Mon, Dec 02, 2013 at 12:00:10PM -0500, Calvin Morrison wrote:
> [...]
> Here would be my idea: A scripting window for commands, a graphics
> window which shows the image buffer, and also allows recording of
> mouse actions (as to script functions like select)

You could just use dwm with

- an open editor (scripting window for commands)
- an image viewer (like [fm]eh; the image buffer)
- (a terminal to run the script on the imagefile)

The mouse macros/actions would be missing with that approach though.

I was thinking about a simple GUI program displaying images which prints
the dimensions of selections you make with it using a mouse. Those
dimensions could then easily be plugged into ImageMagick for scripting.

Doing image processing using a text-based interface exclusively seems
quite hard. This is one of the rare cases where GUIs and mouse control
actually make the most sense.
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