Re: [dev] wswsh: a mksh web framework

From: Thorsten Glaser <>
Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2013 23:03:16 +0000 (UTC)

YpN dixit:

>I wrote a shell script using mksh, which generates websites. You need to write

Just for completeness: I’ve written MirWebseite as a non-generic
thing to generate static XHTML websites, too, and even got a second
only slightly related installation (which, ofc, by now deviates quite
a bit from the installation on the MirBSD/mksh website). Though, it
needs the “CMS” user to provide valid XHTML/1.1 fragments; I absolutely
d̲e̲t̲e̲s̲t̲ Markdown.

And Natureshadow has written “SARAH” which is something similar, too.

Turns out shell is not half bad at this kind of stuff ;-)
So we have three exemplary “things” (I refuse to call my
stuff a “framework”) in at least four installations, which
people interested can have peeks at.

//mirabilos, wondering why t f anyone would want to do this
    in C which is obviously not TRT for string ops
„Cool, /usr/share/doc/mksh/examples/uhr.gz ist ja ein Grund,
mksh auf jedem System zu installieren.“
	-- XTaran auf der OpenRheinRuhr, ganz begeistert
(EN: “[…]uhr.gz is a reason to install mksh on every system.”)
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