Re: [dev] wswsh: a mksh web framework

From: Y <>
Date: Fri, 13 Dec 2013 10:46:21 +0000

> Just for completeness: I’ve written MirWebseite as a non-generic
> thing to generate static XHTML websites, too, and even got a second
> only slightly related installation (which, ofc, by now deviates quite
> a bit from the installation on the MirBSD/mksh website). Though, it
> needs the “CMS” user to provide valid XHTML/1.1 fragments; I absolutely
> d̲e̲t̲e̲s̲t̲ Markdown.

Yeah, we talked about that. I do not use Markdown, I also write my posts
in HTML.
I was thinking to create a generic syntax, but I finally gave up because
it would
require to much work.
smu is supported for the guys who prefer Markdown over plain HTML.
Anyway, I decided to create wswsh when I was looking rofftohtm source

> So we have three exemplary “things” (I refuse to call my
> stuff a “framework”) in at least four installations, which
> people interested can have peeks at.

That's true. Framework was pretentious but I was unable to find a good
name for the script. So, let's call it a simple script. :)

> 2014 is the year of C :)

I hope it'll be the first year when I'll write my own C programs ;)

> This sucks

> Why mksh? Can't you use POSIX shell?

I use mksh on my boxes, problem?

> setting up prefix in the Makefile sucks

Yeah, I could change that. Same for interp directory.

> RSS is dead. why bother?

My readers like RSS. And RSS isn't dead. Even hg provides an Atom
for the commits.

If you don't like my script, don't use it. I never came here to share
new web "revolution". I just wanted to share it because people might be
interested. It's perfect for my needs, I do not want to prove you it's
suckless or not...

 From Y.
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