Re: [dev] l9fb: Linux framebuffer over 9p server

From: Jens Staal <>
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 12:59:09 +0100

On Wednesday 25 December 2013 13:36:29 Strake wrote:
> Future goals:
> * make a terminal emulator
> * make a tiling window organizer with same interface
> * make the X window system my ex-window system

Very cool!

Would it be possible to hook up the "devwsys" to this? The devwsys project
aims (as far as I have understood it) to unify the different /dev/draw
intefaces for various Plan9-inspired things on *nix/X11 hosts (for example,
Plan9port, Inferno, 9vx, drawterm) and also make it more portable to other
graphics systems.

Alternatively, using your 9P connection to the linux framebuffer, would it be
possible to make a plan9port including rio, acme etc without X11 dependencies?

Second question: Will this require working directfb drivers for the graphics
card in order to get optimal resolution out of the hardware?
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