Re: [dev] gtk3 support for surf?

From: Nick <>
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2014 21:28:33 +0000

> > Well, maybe that GTK3-programs suck? They feel very slow imho and don't fit
> > well into a world where GTK2 is still the least-painful way to go.
> At least on OpenBSD GTK+3 is already required for GTK+2 webkit:

surf is an interface to a world of suck, so keeping up to date with
whatever crappy libraries are most in vogue seems the most
reasonable thing to do. Arguments that GTK3 is worse than GTK2 are
irrelevant really, they both suck to the extreme, I don't care
whether one has 10% extra suck, they're both essentially intolerable
on that level. So yes, choose whichever upstream prefer, we're
totally beholden to them anyway.

> The current speed of the web changes and the growth in suckless develop‐
> ment resources correlate that we will never take over the web. In con‐
> clusion: as long as this isn’t solved, a hard dependency on crap li‐
> braries is given.

The WebkitNix project I mentioned here a while ago would minimise
our dependency on crap, but it would take more time than I have at
present to wrap a surf-like interface around it, and I haven't
checked whether it's usably buildable and stable yet (though I
suspect it is).

I just try to ignore the web as much as possible now. In general I
find it just disheartens me. I use pandoc or w3m -dump with my
tkread script[0] where I can, but it looks like surf or something
like it will continue to be necessary for many things for a long
time to come. May God have mercy upon us all.

0. git clone
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