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From: Eckehard Berns <>
Date: Fri, 21 Feb 2014 15:35:40 +0100

Dmitrij D. Czarkoff wrote:
> Eckehard Berns said:
> > You only write a parser once. But you write some magnitude more markup
> > that is going to be parsed by it. So optimizing the markup specification
> > for authoring has a better net gain than to optimize the protocol just to
> > get away with a simpler parser.
> Actually, if parser behavior is simple and easily predictable, the task
> of writing markup is easier. When I write correct HTML, I still have to
> open browser to see how it renders, because I have no way to predict the
> actual result (apart from my experience with different generally
> unexpected results that serve me the basis for educated guess).

Fair point. For me HTML usually renders as I expected. But that's
because I do this for over a decade, I guess. If it doesn't it usually
is because of a misunderstanding in semantics (e.g. the broken
block-model in IE until 7) and using XML wouldn't change that.

> This alone is sufficient for me to be all for simplistic strict parser
> with zero fault tollerance.

I think it comes down to what is actually easier for the person writing
the markup. For me it's HTML for others it might be XML. Hadn't thought
of that.

Eckehard Berns
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