Re: [dev] Re: [dvtm] Focus by id instead of order

From: Amadeus Folego <>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2014 15:54:17 -0300

On Mon, Sep 08, 2014 at 06:43:55PM +0200, Marc André Tanner wrote:
> It was designed that way because Mod+n should always focus the n-th
> window, i.e. the one with #n in the title, in the current layout.

Now it makes perfect sense, thanks for replying!

I mostly use dvtm for the scrollback and search features, now that I got
closer with the window manager functionalities.

So, on the last few days I started writing a dvtm handler for a vim
plugin called vim-dispatch[1]. It enables running long processes
asynchronously and loading their output on the quickfix list.

It has many handlers by default, I used to use tmux mostly.

Since I started using dvtm I went on and figured out how to make it
work with it.

I showed a previous version of the handler for tpope and looked like
he's open to pull it. It would be wonderful to have dvtm support on
vim-dispatch out of the box.

The plugin mostly works with today's dvtm codebase but these are
the modifications that provide the best experience:

- Provide a focus command similar to focusn but using the id
- Enable focusn, setlayout and setmfact commands
- Enable the cmd fifo by default, e.g. /tmp/dvtm-{pid}.fifo

I don't know if the drawbacks for them are big, I am just pointing out
what works best for my script.

I shared a gist of the whole setup at [2].

Thanks for dvtm and feedback!

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