Re: [dev] A new FIFO based tox client

From: Nick <>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2014 23:21:53 +0100

Sounds great, good job on this. I haven't read about Tox in any
depth, so don't know how lovely or otherwise it is as a protocol.
What do you folks think?

Quoth FRIGN:
> Based on ratox, TLH and I will work on a set of scripts/client
> rather similar to hysteria[5] with tmux and other tools
> (pv, rlwrap, ...), once ratox is more or less feature-complete
> in version 0.2.

I'm not sure how I feel about using tmux as a wrapper to all this,
like hysteria. After all, we have a good X window manager, I would
have thought it would be better to make use of that. Is there a
reason you're planning to use tmux rather than dwm / X for your
wrapper client thing? persistence using dtach or similar seems less
important when you can do ssh tunneling as easily as you can with

The sort of dwm / X client I'm imagining would have a separate
program for contact list, and for each "conversation" (one window
split into input box and output). The contact list could just spawn
the conversation windows, or they could be spawned independently
with the name of the contact. 'cos ratox is handling all of the hard
stuff, windows can be closed / opened / have multiple copies without
worrying about state or anything.

How does that sound? I'm tempted to hack something together, so
feedback would be very welcome.

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