[dev] GCC situation

From: Henrique Lengler <henriqueleng_AT_openmailbox.org>
Date: Sun, 23 Nov 2014 22:20:44 +0000


What is the situation of GCC, is it bloated?
I'm asking because I don't find too much on suckless site about it
I don't have experience in any other compiler.

I also found someday TCC (Tiny C compiler - bellard.org/tcc/)
And it looks cool.

The site shows the speed of it:
Compiler Time(s) lines/second MBytes/second
TinyCC 0.9.22 2.27 859000 29.6
GCC 3.2 -O0 20.0 98000 3.4

What they don't talk about is the speed of execution, wich I think
is faster with gcc. But if I were create a suckless gcc I would
probably fork TCC.
So what do you think, GCC is ok? Or no?

Henrique Lengler
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