Re: [dev] GCC situation

From: koneu <>
Date: Mon, 24 Nov 2014 22:13:28 +0100


Calvin Morrison wrote:
> I've used -O3 for a long time in several projects that are heavily
> tuned and not noticed any issues. I think there is a large stigma
> around -O3 but if you just take a few minutes to read about -O3 you'll
> learn quickly what is safe to use and what could cause problems. You
> seem like a hater.

I might be a hater.
If you write your code to work around the "optimizations" enabled by -O3
then that's fine, but don't expect anything else to work with -O3.
Most importantly, don't compile your whole system with -O3 or you will
have much fun.

_AT_Markus: Yes, my CFLAGS are usually along the lines of "-O2
-finline-functions -ftree-vectorize". For critical parts like init or
the likes I add -fstack-protector.
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